Cookie Factory

Tonight I dreamed weird stuff again.

After watching Godfather I and II it is no surprise that for quite a while I dreamed about the Mafia et al.

But later on I dreamed we were going to Graspop Festival – by bike. Not only that but we didn’t take anything along. No tent no nothing. We discussed having Uli bring everything along but then I remembered he doesn’t have a key to our apartment. So I asked wether we could stop by in Paris to buy some stuff.

We stopped at a restaurant to call Uli. Had some food and then got back on the bikes.

Next we came to a large building a factory where we we got off the bikes again. We went in. Inside there were lots of chocolates and everyone had to walk through there – single file. Then I lost the others – the others being Rolland and Alex. Somehow the place became a cookie factory where I could only get out if I made some cookies or Kuchen.

I had to make dough for a strawberry pie. But then I didn’t find the strawberries and while I was searching I heard the guys in the next room.

Then I woke up.

By Yashima

Writer of code and stories