Careers of the Future

As seen on Future Now the TorontoStar published an article about jobs of the future. Here’s the short list without the funky descriptions: A.I. programmer, Barista, Bio-informmatician, Bubble-tea maker, Dog Walker, Fuel-cell engineer, Hempfarmer, Home delivery person, Life coach, Microbrewer, Nanotechnologist, Nurse pracitioner, Personal fitness trainer, Prospect researcher, Webmaster, Videographer, Wireless engineer.

They forgot to list the ProGamer (computer, collectible card or even hackmaster…), the Personal Windows and Home Network Coach (don’t your parents need one?), the large-scale ebay-Seller, the Online-Junkie who makes his money on MMORPGs, the Mad Scientist who cranks out new Techno-Geek-Devices (=Gizmos) each week, the Patenter who travels in the wake of the Mad Scientist and makes his money off the law-suits, ….

I will continue the list as more weirdo job ideas creep into my mind, for now that’s it I am out of brain juice.

Among those mentionned in the article I really like the microbrewer and the Life Coach 🙂

By Yashima

Writer of code and stories