Bread à la Marie Antoinette

While looking for the amount of calories a muffin has – my colleague had concerns about eating one – I found out that it is categorized as bread well ‘quick-bread’ but really would you associate muffins with bread? I wouldn’t ….

I was going to offer some of the muffins (pinapple and pistache) I made to my co-workers: I like baking too much, the two of us could never eat all the stuff I want to make by ourselves. I got the muffin forms for christmas and have so far tried out a bunch of recipes.

This one was the biggest catastrophe yet because I really wanted to go by the recipe in the book. It turned out I didn’t have quite the ingredients I needed, so I started substituting the yoghurt with butter milk and the cream cheese with “Quark” (might be curd might be something else entirely, derive the correct type from this: “Quark is the main ingredient of the greek zaziki” now go figure) …. I mixed together the ingredients as described only I cannot read obviously because the cream cheese should have been part of the topping not of the ‘dough’ … well whatever … while trying to cool down the butter a bit I mixed it up with some water – accidentally.

So what? They taste good.

For the rest of the week-end: we had great things. Rolland made the lemon-schnitzel again and I made another one of the recipes from “The Naked Chef” on Sunday. A very simple yet tasty fish recipe. Slice the skin of the fish and rub the oil-garlic-lemon-thyme mix right in there. Very hot in the oven and voilà: good food. Get the book. I made some olive-potato-mash to got with the fish as well. It’s all in there. Yummy.

And I baked bread. Too little salt – again. Next time I’ll do it right 🙂

By Yashima

Writer of code and stories