Newgods Server Frontpage

Ich hatte die Idee schon mal mit Daniel irgendwie diskutiert. Ihr koennt ja mal schreiben, was ihr davon haltet.

Die Idee ist: eine Art “Newgods Directory” wie bei von wo aus alle Blogs und Homepages verlinkt sind, so dass insbesondere auch wir wissen, was sich website technisch so alles tut auf newgods?

Inzwischen gibt es Minimum 4 Blogs (plus meine RPG Blogs), die Community, mindestens ein halbes Dutzend User Homepages, Seniorentanztee und aehnliches. Wir koennten bald einen eigenen Katalog aufmachen. Wer mal in die Tiefen des Filesystems hinabsteigt wird sehen wie viele Domains derzeit auf Newgods gehosted werden.

Das ganze koennte unter liegen wo sich derzeit quasi nichts befindet, mangels Alternativen. Es muss sich lediglich um eine (vielleicht etwas huebsch gemachte) Seite handeln von wo aus man ueberall hingelangen kann. Vielleicht kann man die Links ein bisschen sortieren. Es folgt eine kleine (relativ willkürliche) Auswahl:
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The week my luck ran out

Yesterday the doctor diagnosed “acute hearing loss” on my left ear – not completely but it’s bad enough as it is. The cause: I believe the stress on Thursday in the office is responsible.

Today we brought my computer back to the store because on Sunday the mainboard died – that seems to be a known problem with (among others) Epox mainboards that are between one and two years old now. (Kondensatoren ausgelaufen, kurz vorm Platzen, Rechner koennte abbrennen!) Luckily this was still within the two year guarantee … back to the store where the clerk – rather unfriendly he was, too – told me that they’d need two to three days to simply check wether it really was the mainboard (geez who am I, it is the mainboard!), then they’d have to contact Epox and then check wether the processor and the rest of the hardware were still okay. All in all they’d need at least four two five work days to do something. It’s not like I don’t need that computer but hey: who the f…. cares?

Repeat with me: bad customer service is bad customer service is bad customer service is bad customer service is bad customer service …. depending how the story goes on this is another store I’ll not frequent anymore (really stupid because I bought nearly all my hardware there up to now).

Oh guess what I am not in a good mood …..

Statistics are lies

A long while ago I read a book titled How to lie with statistics and today mac posted go fish : Truth: it’s what’s for breakfast about a study saying that breast cancer wasn’t more common in women having had an abortion. Now I do not want to write anything on abortion right now because that’s an even trickier topic, instead I am going to rant about statistics.

The book I mentionned above basically says “Don’t believe in any statistics unless you made them up yourself!”
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Quick Tandoori Chicken

Here’s a very simple recipe for two.

– one boneless chicken breast
– some joghurt
– ready-made tandoori paste (I usually buy it at my local Chinese grocer)

Mix up the joghurt and the tandoori paste. Put the chicken in a casserole just big enough and cover with the joghurt mixture. Grill or bake in the oven at 180-200°C for 15-20 minutes. Serve with rice or salad. Pineapple is good with that as well. If you need to watch your calorie input just use low-fat joghurt. Even with normal joghurt this is a ‘harmless’ recipe.
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Cooking for the parents

For my Dad’s last birthday (in September) I gave him one of the infamous ‘gift certificates’ that people like to give out for birthdays and which are never redeemed. This time everything was different, I checked my calendar and noted that there was one week-end (last week-end) in January where we had nothing planned yet. So we invited my parents over for a ‘fancy’ menu.

I didn’t know how hard it would be to cook for my parents. I wanted to impress them but it shouldn’t become an expensive impression as well. My mother told me that onions and a lot of garlic wouldn’t be good for her. This information made choices even harder. Now I would have to make an “in-expensive yet impressive” three course menu without onions that should be healthy and not too high in calories.

Another restriction: no experiments. I have a hand for failing most spectacularly where I can get the best effects.
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Das saugt!

Um es mit Daniel zu sagen. Gestern abend hat sich mein Rechner entschieden den Dienst zu quittieren. Er ist quasi beinahe wörtlich “abgeraucht”. Ich stelle später noch das Bild von den hübschen Ablagerungen auf den Widerständen ins Netz. Laut Rolland’s Bruder besteht bei solchen Ablagerungen die Gefahr, dass die Widerstände platzen und der Rechner anschliessend abbrennt. Und bevor er aufgehört hat, war es schon richtig heiss. Aber dann hat er sich ja abgeschaltet. Und ist nicht mehr angegangen. Das saugt mir nicht nur Geld sondern auch Zeit aus der Tasche und mit beidem bin ich im Moment nicht so reichlich gesegnet. Ich wiederhole also: das saugt!

Gehe ich mir also ein neues Mutterbrett kaufen oder gleich noch mehr? Ich habe ja Hoffnung, dass der Rest der Hardware noch lebt. Gerade hab ich mir neuen Speicher gekauft. Ich denke ich lass es wohl bei dem Mutterbrett. Dabei wollte ich doch viel lieber auf andere Rechnerteile sparen. Und wenn ich mir jetzt das billigere (nicht mehr erweiterbare) Mutterbrett kaufe, dann brauche ich mit Sicherheit sobald die ersten Demos für WoW (World of Warcraft) raus sind mehr Rechnerkraft.

So jetzt schmoll ich noch ein bisschen rum.

The Biggest Franchise Ever

And its not the fast food restaurant everybody is thinking of now …. I think it is a big conspiracy to keep everyone in the dark as to who is really trying to reach world domination. Not every city has a Burger King or MacD but most cities that have those have even more Irish Pubs! And many smaller cities that don’t have any fast food restaurants still have an Irish Pub.

Here in Karlsruhe are at least – and I am only counting those I remember currently: Claddagh Ring, Old Dublin, Scruffy’s Irish Pub, Flynn’s Inn, Sean O’Cacey’s, Treacy’s Irish Pub. I am sure there are more (at least one in Durlach and one in Ettlingen). This is Germany not Ireland but the next Guinness or Kilkenny (or Cider!) is never far.
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The Net Scale

Sometimes when I talk to people about tech things I get the feeling that they have stopped following. Then I usually ask: “What background do you have, how much tech slang do you want?” The interesting thing is that most of these people don’t answer my question. They seem rather embarrassed to know less than I do which makes it much harder for me to know what to say. If only there was an easy scale to classify people’s tech-knowledge.
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Thoughts on Comments

Megnut writes on the much abused or disused – depending on blog popularity – commenting feature in her post On comments and weblogs. She advocates a bit more thought and flexibility in the use of the commenting feature. I have thought about it before but usually – hoping for any feedback at all 🙂 – I left the comments turned on even though sometimes it was clear that whatever comments could be made on an article they would not be of the type I’d appreciate.

So now I played around with the entry database a bit and closed off most postings and I’ll be trying to be more selective hoping that when comments are allowed there will be some 🙂
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What I put in a bag

I was inspired by the “Meal in a Bag” recipes in the “Happy Days” cookbook to try the following last night. I made this while preparing the Chili con Carne we’ll have tonight.

The meal in a bag paradigm says this:

make a bag out of two sheets of tin foil by folding in three sides. Mix up the ingredients of your meal in a bowl (anything that takes longer than 20 minutes you’ll have to precook), season to taste, fill in the bag, add in a glas of either wine or some other fitting fluid. Close the bag and cook at around 200°C in the oven for 20 minutes.

It’s very easy and you can even prepare the meal in the morning and eat it later …. read on to see what I put in the bag:
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