Newgods Server Frontpage

Ich hatte die Idee schon mal mit Daniel irgendwie diskutiert. Ihr koennt ja mal schreiben, was ihr davon haltet. Die Idee ist: eine Art “Newgods Directory” wie bei von wo aus alle Blogs und Homepages verlinkt sind, so dass insbesondere auch wir wissen, was sich website technisch so alles tut auf newgods? Inzwischen gibt… Continue reading Newgods Server Frontpage

The week my luck ran out

Yesterday the doctor diagnosed “acute hearing loss” on my left ear – not completely but it’s bad enough as it is. The cause: I believe the stress on Thursday in the office is responsible. Today we brought my computer back to the store because on Sunday the mainboard died – that seems to be a… Continue reading The week my luck ran out

Statistics are lies

A long while ago I read a book titled How to lie with statistics and today mac posted go fish : Truth: it’s what’s for breakfast about a study saying that breast cancer wasn’t more common in women having had an abortion. Now I do not want to write anything on abortion right now because… Continue reading Statistics are lies

Quick Tandoori Chicken

Here’s a very simple recipe for two. – one boneless chicken breast – some joghurt – ready-made tandoori paste (I usually buy it at my local Chinese grocer) Mix up the joghurt and the tandoori paste. Put the chicken in a casserole just big enough and cover with the joghurt mixture. Grill or bake in… Continue reading Quick Tandoori Chicken

Cooking for the parents

For my Dad’s last birthday (in September) I gave him one of the infamous ‘gift certificates’ that people like to give out for birthdays and which are never redeemed. This time everything was different, I checked my calendar and noted that there was one week-end (last week-end) in January where we had nothing planned yet.… Continue reading Cooking for the parents

Das saugt!

Um es mit Daniel zu sagen. Gestern abend hat sich mein Rechner entschieden den Dienst zu quittieren. Er ist quasi beinahe wörtlich “abgeraucht”. Ich stelle später noch das Bild von den hübschen Ablagerungen auf den Widerständen ins Netz. Laut Rolland’s Bruder besteht bei solchen Ablagerungen die Gefahr, dass die Widerstände platzen und der Rechner anschliessend… Continue reading Das saugt!

The Net Scale

Sometimes when I talk to people about tech things I get the feeling that they have stopped following. Then I usually ask: “What background do you have, how much tech slang do you want?” The interesting thing is that most of these people don’t answer my question. They seem rather embarrassed to know less than… Continue reading The Net Scale

Thoughts on Comments

Megnut writes on the much abused or disused – depending on blog popularity – commenting feature in her post On comments and weblogs. She advocates a bit more thought and flexibility in the use of the commenting feature. I have thought about it before but usually – hoping for any feedback at all 🙂 –… Continue reading Thoughts on Comments

What I put in a bag

I was inspired by the “Meal in a Bag” recipes in the “Happy Days” cookbook to try the following last night. I made this while preparing the Chili con Carne we’ll have tonight. The meal in a bag paradigm says this: make a bag out of two sheets of tin foil by folding in three… Continue reading What I put in a bag