Wacken 2004: Are we going?

Here’s the current status of the bandlist for W:O:A – Wacken Open Air 2004 (taken from their homepage of course):

10.11.2003 Amon Amarth
20.11.2003 Anthrax
20.11.2003 Bal-Sagoth
10.11.2003 Brainstorm
10.11.2003 Böhse Onkelz
20.11.2003 Cannibal Corpse
20.11.2003 Cathedral
20.11.2003 Children of Bodom
10.11.2003 Destruction
09.12.2003 Dio
20.11.2003 Ektomorf
10.11.2003 Grave Digger
20.11.2003 Hypocrisy
20.11.2003 Mayhem
10.11.2003 Nevermore
10.11.2003 Saxon
20.11.2003 Schandmaul
20.11.2003 Zodiac Mindwarp

So what of this do I want to see? Cannibal Corpse is an all-time favorite straight out of the “loud noise” category. Nope. Grave Digger, uauaargh nope. Anthrax, Nevermore and Saxon: seen before, don’t need again. Oh well after all this is not a Gothic festival. The only thing I’d like to see so far are Children of Bodom and there is one really good argument for not going: Böhse Onkelz.

But as now Dio is playing maybe MourningDragon is going to change his mind about the festival?

By Yashima

Writer of code and stories


  1. I don’t think so…yet!
    DIO is a temptation, of course, but the rest is quite boring…yet 😉
    And Boehse Onkelz is a very good reason NOT to go and boykott the festival. They should learn their lesson so that something like that never happens again. If they at least would ban BO from beeing headliner to the WET tent or something, but until then it’s GRASPOP and/or M’ERA LUNA for me instead of WACKEN. I have no intention to be insulted by little kiddies in white jeans and white shirts running around, shouting “Satan” and trying to be cool.

  2. I’m not so overwhelmed by the current lineup. But maybe it’s still too early to make a decision. SummerBreeze might also be a good alternative, since it’s not so far away.

    Anyway, BO is definitely a reason not to go. I don’t like them and I don’t like people who listen to them.

  3. Wacken is a great festival, if only the music was more my style. This time it stays a definite no-go … until something wondrous happens as: BO goes off-line or all my favorite bands are there. Both is highly unlikely.

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