Vacation Plans

Since the holidays – including my near 3 week break from work – are coming up I am looking forward to a lot of things (uhm in no particular order)

– getting my tungsten
– gettin the UA books and KotDT Comics ordered
– catching up on my favorite online comic: sluggy
– writing more on my UA campaign blog
– oh: watching LotR: Return of the King at least 3 times
– celebrating Christmas with my family
– celebrating New Year’s Eve with friends
– have more people subscribe to the mailinglist at
– gaming (computer, board and rpg)
– catching up on my reading
– not working

And which parts do I not look forward to?

– still having to do ALL my Christmas shopping
– cleaning up the apartment = start reducing the chaos
– eating too much of all the good food
– gaining weight over the holidays

By Yashima

Writer of code and stories