Silvester Party Motto

This year it’s our turn (again) to host the New Year’s Eve party.

I really don’t mind having parties, sometimes I just wish someone else would also have one and invite us over for the New Year’s Eve. The past 5 years either I organized the thing or I wasn’t invited. Much the same with my parents.

Anyhow this year it was suggested to have a motto for the party. The first motto mentionned was the all-time over-used motto: Hawaii/Caribbean/ Exotic you name it. I rejected that one outright. Of course the typical ‘Cocktail Party’ with smoking and evening dresses isn’t much better.

Then fitting the alkorithmus family theme I heard the idea of ‘La familia’, either from Willi or Daniel or both.

On the way home from Daniel’s birthday brunch I thought about it and talked to MourningDragon about it. I think it’s a pretty nice motto. Take the music from the game Mafia, have The Godfather run on the muted DVD player and everyone dress up and wear sunglasses. One might even find fitting drinks, food and some 20s-style decorations. It’s maybe not quite a revolutionary motto, but there’s enough inspirational stuff out there and I think most people could live with that motto.

But: nothing’s decided yet.

By Yashima

Writer of code and stories