Shopping Therapy

I just went food shopping in my favorite – expensive – grocery store around the corner. I love taking my time. I didn’t have much that I needed to buy so I took a look around the store and bought some very nice things that also fit my new dieting habits.

It is very different there than your average super market. For one thing there is a lot of space. Everything is so neat, not like the crammed little supermarket I usually shop at. The lights are also important and the absolute cleanliness. Well they advertise that they were chosen “Germany’s supermarket 2003” so I guess there might be some truth to it.

They have just anything one could imagine. For example today I bought some typically vegetarian stuff. I would never have tried it before but today I felt like buying that. I also saw that they have instant broth without any additional flavor enhancers, something I’d been looking for.

I bought some nice olive oil and my favorite french honey mustard.

They have a great butchery and a well-stacked fish counter. The wine department isn’t too bad either and they carry my favorite belgian chocolate, which of course I am not eating right now, but it’s nice to know they have it.

The vegetables and the fruit are rather expensive but very good and they have some things you cannot find in most stores.

I like shopping there even if the amount I spend astonishes and shocks me every single time.

By Yashima

Writer of code and stories