Remember Civilization?

I just found an article at a blog about gaming – which is looking really nice btw – Terra Nova: Fascism Is Fun which reminded me of the old days when everyone was playing Civilization.

I always tried to win the game as a Democracy and I think it was somehow rewarded in the game as well. But nearly all other types of state were much easier to play and win with.

I really wonder wether the article is somehow right?

Jan and some others have always said that 😉

On another note: I am hoping Civ3 will be a bit cheaper soon so I can buy it … oh no first I must get that wineX thing to work or re-install windows 🙁

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  1. Yes, Civ III is really nice, especially since the Conquests Add-On.

    Indeed you have the new state form ‘fascism’, which is ideal for waging war with all the consequences. You can of course win by being the last man standing, but i think it is much more interesting to reach a diplomatic or cultural victory.

    One interesting point is, if you have all the resources you need, democracy is probably the best option, because you don’t need to fight for resources. If, however, your territory is extremely barren and devoid of resources, you are more or less forced to take an aggressive state form for your own survival. Otherwise you are blackmailed by the rich countries who have all they need. So maybe this is also a point in the real world, as stated in the above-mentioned article, that only the rich can afford democracy.

    Oh, and by the way, go ahead and buy the game with the conquests add-on, it is worth it 😉 (Apparently there is no need to buy the first add-on, play the world, since it is made redundant by Conquests)

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