Pull the Plug & Play

I am just about to pull the plug on my windows system and start playing with linux.

I have been thinking for sometime what a waste of a computer this windows system was: since I have started working I got used to do all the ‘serious’ stuff under linux and I don’t have as much time for computer games anymore.

I am not a fan of the 2-OS-installed type of systems. You just always boot the system you don’t need about half an hour later. Either you want to play a bit of Diablo and then have some idea for some java program, or you think it’d be nice to work some and then all of a sudden gaming seems so much more interesting. Most often of course I’ve been playing and then wanted to do something I usually use Linux for.

Then I heard of wine and wineX and was thinking how cool it would be to only have to be up-to-date with one OS, and not keep installing things on several systems: bad enough I have to keep so many different computers running, don’t need a different OS on each.

So I made a backup of my documents and some of the photos. Even some of my save games went into the backup folder on my laptop.

Next we’ll have dinner and after that this system is history.

Bye bye Windows XP, though you were much more stable than most of your siblings, I am going to delete you soon. Countdown is running. Now.

By Yashima

Writer of code and stories