Presenting the presents

This year I got mostly kitchen stuff. I had tons of cook books on my wishlist and I got the one I wanted the most: “Das grosse Buch der Desserts” (Teubner Edition). It’s a book full of the most delicious desserts you can think of. My mother has a copy but that on is hers and not mine. Now it’s mine, all mine! My precious 🙂

Some of my absolutely favorite recipes are in that book (Orangeneissoufflé, Gouglof au Vin, Mohr im Hemd) and then some more. My mother got lucky with that one on ebay.

I got two more of the Teubner books and then some more 🙂 And I found out that there is a pictured hardcover version of the Bocuse cookbook. Now I know what I want for my birthday.

Yesterday I made a Vanilla-Almond-Christmas Soufflé from the dessert book. Of course the flavor was created by me but the base recipe is from the book. And we had french onion soup in the new soup bowls ….

From my sister we got a bunch of things needed to make sushi and a promise she would come and help us make our first sushi.

My dad gave us a six-pack each. I guess this special six-pack is going to last for half a year. I haven’t taken a look at it but the wine is most certainly very good 😉

By Yashima

Writer of code and stories