Piracy, time and money

I have bought a lot of games ever since highschool and I have always tried to convince others to buy at least a few of their favorite games instead of ripping them or downloading them.

Same goes for movies and cds.

I noticed though that now that my sister finally earns a bit of extra money she has stopped downloading and is actually buying the music she likes. So I really get the impression that she just didn’t have the money before to buy that stuff. I only started gaming for real when I had enough money to buy those games and some goes for most people.

Those who have enough money often do not have the time for either shopping or even gaming and therefore they are probably not buying as much as the industry would like. I think the real trouble is again: you either have money or time but rarely both.

I won’t talk about the music industry because just take a look at the charts and then ask about my playlist. I am just not into charts music. The quality … the remakes…. the girlies …. live music? Yeah sure whatever.

DVDs is a whole new market anyway because nobody can convince me that video tapes sold that well. I know a lot of people who own dozens or even hundreds of DVDs. I buy as many DVDs as I buy CDs (which isn’t a lot) but I never ever bought a video tape.

Of course I know a few select people who believe that they should not spend the money on something they could just as well download, even if they have the money to buy it. I can understand in part because to most people it looks and to me as well, as though the hollywood industry and the music industry are rich and making a lot of money. The prices for cds and many dvds are simply outrageous: I paid 30 Euros for a DVD and 17 for a CD …(not to mention 47,- for a terrible computer game)

Actually I wanted to write about the computer games I own and which are good and which are not … well so it turned out different….

By Yashima

Writer of code and stories