Old School Stories

Obviously there is a need for old memories from my early school years. go fish : Help a sistah out requests traumatizing stories for Jen to help her daughter understand what it’s like.

I immediately thought of a few events. I don’t quite know which was worse. But I got over all of them ….

In 5th or 6th grade everyone was required to give a talk about a book they had read. I don’t quite remember why I chose Tom Sawyer, I didn’t particularly like the book and I had read it exactly once. So finally the day came where I had to stand in front of the class and give my presentation. Mind I never mentionned anything that I took time to prepare the presentation or re-read the book. When the teacher called my name, I got up and went to the front of the classroom. Then I stood there and everybody was looking at me expectantly. I started “Tom Sawyer is a book about ….” and then I quit crying and ran from the classroom. The worst things about this was that the teacher made me give the presentation at a later date …

The second is a bit different

When I was younger I used to drink about half a liter of milk for breakfast each morning. Since milk by itself tastes rather boring I added a lot of cocoa and honey to it. Several times I managed to drink milk that turned bad. I never noticed because it still tasted awfully sweet. Of course I usually went to school and then started feeling ill. One time in biology class, all of a sudden I felt very sick. I must have thought I could hold it back or whatever. Well I waited and waited and waited. Finally I couldn’t hold back and was going to ask the teacher to let me go to the bathroom. It was just the end of the class and while asking I threw up all over the table and on the floor, right in front of everyone. I was totally embarrassed which was made worse because the teacher made me clean the mess up myself.

And here’s a third ….

In my school there were prizes for the students with the best gpa and prizes for honor roll students. In 5th grade I missed the honor roll because my math teacher thought I wasn’t good at math (lol), in 6th and 7th I made it easily. Another girl was the best each year. Everyone always applauded when she got her prize. Well in 8th grade I got that prize for the best student. Nobody applauded. Somehow I couldn’t enjoy it quite as much.

I have had many bad times in school as I am sure everyone has, but I have also had many good times to make up for it. Even though I am only 26, I still know how true it is what my parents kept saying: “When you look back, you’ll never have as much freedom as in school. You will look back remember those as good years.” And I do.