My Party Photo

Photo of the Xmas Party of 1&1

My first picture … taken with my phone. I actually sent it to myself as MMS because I was finally sick of waiting till I am going to buy a bluetooth usb device to be able to send pictures to my harddrive the cheap way.

So here’s the quality picture I had. It was taken at our company christmas party a few days ago. If only I had blue tooth I could put a whole bunch of such pictures online. I definitely need to go shopping 😉

By the way: I just noticed something funny – MMS are priced at 39 cent for up to 10k and 99 cent for up to 100k of course one picture is about 15k ….. I should have sent myself a whole bunch of pictures if that is possible at all. …. I checked: you can only send one picture, a text, a sound and whatever, not possible: multiple picutres.

I repeat: need to go shopping …. need to go shopping.

PS: I stole the style on the image from go fish, I hope she doesn’t mind. I really like the look of that border 🙂

By Yashima

Writer of code and stories