My Neverwinter Crash Fix

I finally got Neverwinter Nights to run on my debian system.A posting at The Linux Game Tome helped a lot:

If it crashes on you, you’ll have to do this:

* cp miles/* /usr/local/lib/
* cd /usr/local/lib
* rm
* ln -s
* ln -s
* ldconfig

or some other method of making it realize the miles libraries are there.

I had noticed before ldd nwmain that indeed the missing libmss was the problem and the instructions above fixed that problem. Though if you copy the lib to /usr/local/lib you should run the command ldconfig /usr/local/lib because that directory is not one of the defaults.

The game was still crashing but then I noticed that I was missing the most current patch:

1.32 Linux Patch

Now it is working. A bit slow but that might be because I was trying to run with 64MB textures and a huge screen resolution and some of the openGL environment variables at maximum setting.

Addendum 03-12-23: I later learned what I should really have done – add the miles/ directory to the file /etc/, (see man ldconfig). This file contains directories that ldconfig includes in the library cache besides the two default directories (/lib/ and /usr/lib/).

By Yashima

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