More or less memory

So what’s this? I have two bills of 512 MB memory chips that I bought (one just this week and the other in July 2002) and I remember that at least on first boot with both chips BIOS displayed 1GB RAM.

Now my linux /cat/proc/meminfo is displaying only 8xx MB of RAM which is rather weird and I am surprised it took me a week to notice. I am very sure that before I upgraded the computer it correctly displayed 512 MB of memory. So something is fishy with that new chip.

Because at work, there was NO problem at all with the additional memory and it displays correctly.

Addendum, this is getting better by the minute. I think meminfo is bugged. A few days ago I posted the meminfo output because I suspected something was fishy even then because the gnome applet kept displaying 100% memory in use. I guess most system monitors get their data from meminfo. On december 11 meminfo displayed a different total than today. Today it displays more than back then!!!

3 days ago: MemTotal: 904308 kB
Today: MemTotal: 904388 kB

Addendum 2, I believe the complete /proc/meminfo is broken and it still is in 2.6 and additionally I failed competely at getting anything to run with 2.6: no sound, no usb, no nvidia drivers – simply nothing. Funny incident in the System Monitor: I killed a dead process (nvidia driver installation) and all of a sudden the ‘used’ memory dropped to 7% where it had been to 100% just seconds before. Meminfo is broken! By the way: the BIOS correctly displays 1GB RAM ….

If you think otherwise please post what I am doing wrong here.

Addendum 3, 03/12/15: Stefan suggested that the missing memory was due to the memory reserved for the kernel not showing up in the proc filesystem and of course all system monitors take that information ….

By Yashima

Writer of code and stories