Memory 100% in Use

Or so that little gnome applet means to tell me.

yashima:~$ cat /proc/meminfo
total: used: free: shared: buffers: cached:
Mem: 926011392 916365312 9646080 0 160342016 420634624
Swap: 1003474944 3129344 1000345600
MemTotal: 904308 kB
MemFree: 9420 kB

I have as you can see 1GB of memory both at home (since yesterday) and at work (since this monday) why on earth is this not enough? I am pretty sure at least one of the programs I am using has memory leaks. My hint is Eclipse because it is java after all and I have always had the impression that java applications are prone to memory leaks. Either that or it is mozilla-{firebird|thunderbird}. Could be gabber of course as well or the gnome-multi-term or nautilus. I think all these are good candidates. Probably the complete gnome2 stuff ….

At home at least it says that most of the stuff is ‘cached’ whatever that means. Is there any good ‘clean-up’ tool to collect the left-overs from all those tools?

By Yashima

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