Losing and winning

Yesterday I encountered one of the ‘darker’ sides of losing weight 🙂 After three of those 0.33 beers I was rather tipsy. I used to be able to drink more without noticing much. But the reason might have been as well that I didn’t eat a lot all day.

What I am winning while losing? Self-esteem. My mother was surprised to notice: you are not the same person weighing 20 pounds more or less. It’s not so much the actual weight-loss but to know I can do it. I have the discipline. Not always but if necessary: yes.

Note: not that I am proud of drinking a lot … I just noticed a difference. Though I am still embarrassed at having to explain why I left the company christmas party after nearly half a dozen caipirhinas rather than say “No!” to the next that Stefan was just fetching from the bar. Well it was late. But the party was fun and if everything is so much fun it’s harder to quit drinking and stay and than quit partying and go home.

I usually don’t drink a lot and not very often. At parties or gatherings. But there are a few older stories still making rounds. So most of my colleagues seem to believe me a perpetual drunk (well not quite) …..

By Yashima

Writer of code and stories