Liv Tyler vs. Kate Moss

Mac says at go fish : I love Gwar, I just have to send a “me too”.

Basically it seems like Liv Tyler was told, she would get more roles if she lost weight and she said she liked the way she was. Makes me view Liv Tyler in a new light. I think she’s very beautiful. The guys kept yawning when she was on screen in LoTR I and II, so what. But that didn’t have anything to do with her looks I am sure, rather they disagreed with her role being changed from the book. Also they resented that the scenes she had were rather low on action and high on romance. Yes, 25-year-olds are still just big children.

Every time I see an actress that does not look like she hasn’t been eating lately, it makes me a little bit happier. Don’t know wether anything has changed but Kate Moss to me always represented all the bad propaganda about the looks of women. I believe Hollywood, TV, advertising, the press and all those who make clothes for women that will barely fit girls have too much power over how women perceive themselves and are abusing it to enforce a picture of women I cannot embrace.

And the guys don’t really prefer the slim, skinny, non-eating types either.

By Yashima

Writer of code and stories