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Yay, I got a game to run. Unexpectedly I have to add. I was just about to give up because I just cannot find out what is wrong with Neverwinter Nights. I am sure I am missing some dependency but why isn’t the game saying that? Anyhow this morning then happened this:

yashima@statosphere:~/fake_windows/c_drive/CAVEDOG/TOTALA$ wine totala.exe

Total Annihilation installed (with a slight hickup) but it installed and I managed to run a game.

Currently the screen looks a bit weird because the game only takes up two thirds of the screen and the rest ist blank? But I am sure that is ‘fixable’ …. can’t say anything about speed because with only the commander the game wasn’t quite representative. And: I haven’t run a multiplayer game either. But: the sound is there!

I remember TA needing ipx for network games? Well it says: ”

err:dplay:DirectPlay3AImpl_EnumConnections : no service providers?
err:dplay:DP_LoadSP : no service providers?
err:dplay:DP_IF_InitializeConnection Unable to load service provider
err:dplay:DirectPlay3AImpl_EnumConnections : no service providers?

I have to attribute this success to hoogla the bot-meister 😉 Without him asking I’d not have tried TA. But of course it was his first thought.

“Gaming on Linux??? Sounds good, is TA supported?”

More games I tried

1) next I tried Incubation. It installed fine but when I want to start a game it says sound is being used by another program and that there is no cd in the cdrom which is even worse. Then it crashes.

2) Heroes of Might and Magic 3 setup.exe seems to execute since there is no error message but I regard it as a ‘fail’ since nothing happens. At all.

Oh and a question MourningDragon asked: “If Wine Is Not an Emulator? What is it then?

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