Jabber via http?

I was looking for installation instructions for the java plugin for firebird and found only the Java FAQ for Mozilla. But my surfing on the mozdev site was still worthwhile:

Maybe our walled of friends MourningDragon & Co won’t have to write their own jabber client, maybe this project at mozdev will save them: jabberzilla: a Jabberclient for mozilla. But there is not a lot of information there and they still need developers: too bad I am not a JavaScript-ing guru.

Jabberzilla needs some more experienced developers. If you have done lots of advanced JavaScripting, this project might be perfect for you. Learning XUL is easy, and I can help you get started working with the code, to see if you can do it. Please contact me!

It can only become better than the buggy gabber version I am currently using.

By Yashima

Writer of code and stories


  1. Jabberzilla is not an http client, but a “standard” jabber client integrated into Mozilla. All in all it’s not exactly worthwhile to use as it is now (especially since there are alreday tons of high-quality free full-blown Jabber clients around). As for the firewall problem: Oli found out some things here at work (http polling through jabber.cz, web clients), I’m going to mail them around.

  2. Yeah the point of my post being that there was an update to the jabberzilla page from 2 days ago, that they want to start on some more development.

    Anyhow if you know how to jabber via http tell …. because the others didn’t get it to work and I don’t think hoogla is going to implement his rootserver solution anytime soon.

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