I am stuck

Yeah simply put I am stuck.

I just don’t see what I can do to solve the problem I am currently working on.

The good thing is: I have time.

The bad thing: The less time I use the better. No not really that but I keep thinking I have the solution and all I would need to do is write it out. Then another of those exceptions pops up. It’s been near three days now that I am working on this.

Actually it is a small rather isolated thing or it should be. Right now the problems are spread all through the project and solving the current problem would cure some of the other problems. It’s a small thing but with tons of details I have to remember.

I am getting one field input from the customer. This field contains the ‘street address’ and I need to get all available information from that: house number, street name (prefix, name, descriptor, suffix) and unit (apartment, suite etc.). The formats for all these parts are mostly fixed and yet I am having trouble tearing the input into it’s parts. It would probably be easier if it wouldn’t have to fit in with the rest of my architecture but I have already tried an independent approach – to no avail.

Right now when I stare at this blob of code I just feel tired and I would really like to go home. I am pretty sure I will not dissolve the blob by staring at it but I am too tired and unmotivated to do much else besides drinking tea and writing this entry.

By Yashima

Writer of code and stories