Frozen Schlonz

Complaining about the weather again? Sure the summer was too hot, the spring was too nice and the winter is too cold. Too cold. I’ll be changing my route to work tomorrow because the bridge I usually take was frozen this morning.

Schlonz is something I’ll not bother to explain. No.

Well Daniel and Patrick organized yet another Senionrentanztee Schlonz. Maybe they have an explanation on their page. Maybe Daniel will explain in his news section.

I am not even sure myself that I know what a Schlonz is supposed to be.

I never went to any Schlonz while I was still at university. Which is weird because it’s more a student thing. But now that Daniel and Patrick have started with their Seniorentanztee Schlonz thing, of course it is a must go. On the bonus side: you always meet the same people, on the minus side: you always meet the same people. No that’s not negative because until I have talked to everyone I have to leave again.

Not to forget that Patrick’s music is good – for one evening at the least and if you take care not to stand next to the speakers, see his page for details – and Daniels ‘visuals’ are also very ‘interesting’ to watch.

By Yashima

Writer of code and stories