First Sushi Lounge

Just came back from a really nice dinner at the “First Sushi Lounge” here in Karlsruhe.

I had a selection of sashimi. Essentially that’s sushi without rice. And MourningDragon had a rather largish selection of sushi.

We discovered sushi about a year or two ago. Don’t remember accurately.

There are three sushi places here. The one we went to tonight we hadn’t tried before. It has a bar and tables to sit. At the bar you can select single sushi from little ships going around, while at the tables you get to order the ‘pre-configured packages’. Being there the first time, we decided for one of the smaller tables in the back. We definitely need to go there again because I want to sit at the bar and watch the cooks make the sushi. The even have sushi made with my absolutely favorite type of fish ‘loup de mer’.

It was more expensive than the lunch hour prices of the other place we usually go to but not more so than expected.

What I didn’t like that much was that the tables were placed just so that one could easily listen to the next tables conversation. Two women were sitting there. They were going on about their friends, men, weight problems and one of them didn’t quite know how to eat sushi it seemed.

I was rather distracted.

The food though was great. At least for what I know about sushi. Not having been to Japan – yet – I am probably not quite the expert.

By Yashima

Writer of code and stories