Firebird Searches

After Daniel mentionned yesterday he was still not using mozilla firebird because among others it was lacking the sidebar which he was using for searches etc., I tried to get that search box doing that. I knew you could somehow get custom searches into mozilla.

In the upper right corner there is a small textbox which usually displays a google logo on my firebird, if you click on it there is a dropdown menu and one of the items says ‘add engines’ which sounds quite promising. Clicking on it teleports you to a website at where you can search through the available search plugins.

There are plugins for amazon, ebay, imdb and leo and many more. Clicking on the ‘installation’ links yielded no visible result. Probably another of those ‘linux’ plugin installation problems I am already familiar with. But I was able to extract the urls of the relevant files and copy them to mozilla/searchplugins/. There is also a logo that goes with each plugin, these are placed in the same directory. Restart firebird and test 🙂

Download Example (leo):
Leo Search Plugin
Leo Logo

By Yashima

Writer of code and stories