Everything stinks

I am not the first to think that the world stinks, though most people seem to mean something not quite as literal.

But I find the world literally stinks.

Every morning I pass by the zoo on my way to work. A couple of days ago the I noticed the lake is frozen over. My fingers are slowly warming up while I am typing this.

But it’s not the lake that stinks but rather the goats. I always thought that while my nose I as frozen and since my sense of smell is not very acute either, I wouldn’t smell the goats in winter. In summer they reminded me every day why I don’t like chèvre and today I noticed their stink right away despite the cold.

Every day as I start up on that bridge I try to remind myself to hold my breath as I pass the goats. To no avail. I will try to and then when I believe to have passed the goat smell, I’ll have to inhale all the more deeply and about 66.6% of the time the stink hits me.

Today was even worse because through the cold only vague notions of smell got through to my brain. After I passed the goats for several 100 meters everything seemed to stink rotten and decaying. I could not get rid of that idea.

After the rotten came the burnt part, shortly after I finally reached my office and now I am holding my nose right over the box of christmas cookies I brought with me yesterday.

By Yashima

Writer of code and stories