Crawling back

Before paying money I’ll do it. I’ll install windows again. I think winex sucks. Well probably not when you give those transgaming guys the bit of money. But on the other hand I am hoping to get into a cool beta test for a new mmorpg which would need windows anyhow. So what, it’ll probably crash my linux installation or something. I’ll kill if my data is lost! Just so you know.

Backup – I know.

Oh and let me repeat: winex sucks. I got it to install with that faq I mentionned. Wasn’t even too hard. But none of the games I tried would install. They all need one feature or another that isn’t explained anywhere. Diablo, Warcraft, not even Carcassonne. One time an installshield problem the other time some missing folders in the fake windows directories.

See that is what I meant by the last entry. I sat on the stupid machine all night and now I am ‘rolling back’ to a working state. Total waste of time. Total. Waste. Of. MY. time. All right I know I’ll be trying a few more games before I give up on this completely. I just want to get 1(!!!) of my favorite games running on linux to see what it is like before I go back to windows. Just 1 game and I own a lot of games. But so far I am NOT succeeding.

I have already spent about 2 evenings on this and again I am going to bed later than I planned. I didn’t even get the stupid Neverwinter Nights to work. Neither from my windows installation nor with the installer someone wrote for it. It keeps crashing on entering the actual game engine. No error message. Nothing. Nothing in the logfiles. I looked through every logfile. It doesn’t even seem to be an X problem … I am probably missing one or another stupid library and the game is not telling me.

By Yashima

Writer of code and stories