This morning I worked for 3 hours at home.

This afternoon I’ve been working nearly 5 hours in the office.

Guess where I was more productive?

I never really noticed until today how often I am interrupted and how much time and productivity that costs. Of course when I came to work at noon, there were 3 calls and a few mails waiting for me because I had not been there in the morning. But calling back people and answering a few mails was done within 20 minutes and then I started ‘trying’ to work.

At home I started working right after breakfast, I worked without break for 1 hour, then talked a bit with MourningDragon about my work and then went back to work for two more hours. It was concentrated development work on a small portion of my project that has kept me busy for nearly a week. At home I could have solved the problem in about 2 days.

I should work from home for half a day at least once every week, because it is not only more productive but also I was so much more relaxed at the office afterwards because I really enjoy pure programming.

Of course it is not always possible to work from home: there are meetings, people to talk to, phone calls to make and a lot of information is not available from home and as long as I don’t activate my ipsec connection from home (yeah still haven’t) I don’t have access to cvs, databases, servers, you name it.

By Yashima

Writer of code and stories