Class not found

And I thought I had deleted the complete tool.

This is a small tool which has been prone to errors from the start. It was not in the specification, so I had to program it in a hurry without a lot of thinking. First it was a buggy perl script than I converted it to java. The java program is much more structured but I have had a bunch of problems with the system calls to ‘scp’.

I thought it was all fixed and then yesterday the nightly report was missing. Again.

This morning it was missing. Again.

There was an error mail from cron: Class not found.

My first thought: oops I remember cleaning up the projects directory. I deleted some stuff. Oh no. I never added this perl script to cvs. What happened. Oh no no no.

I came to work, looked for the classes they were not there. Then it hit me: I had integrated the tool into my big project. Lucky for me.

And the winner is: ant clean-all and forgot to recompile the sub-projects.

*hits her head against the wall repeatedly*

By Yashima

Writer of code and stories