Christmas = Foodmess

Well we both didn’t gain any of the lost pounds back over Christmas. I was very careful. On the 24th we had as usual fondue. On the 25th I was at his parents home and we had goose and on the 26th my parents took us out to a fancy restaurant in France – as they have done for the past few years.

The name is Le Cygne in Gundershoffen. We had a very very good menu including several Hors d’oeuvre, 7 courses and then some …. great wine and a very happy family including my vegetarian sister. She has to ask each time that the meat courses be substituted with some type of fish for her and sometimes everything runs smooth (as this year) and she even gets a substituted fish “Amuse Bouche” …. the menu was mostly fish anyhow – just two meat courses.

My parents who eat a lot at fancy restaurants during their vacations in France said it was the best they had all year. Since I have been to a lot of fancy restaurants as well I can say at least that it was superb and close to perfect.

Here’s the menu. In German as we got only a German menu:

Steinpilzlasagne mit gebratener Entenleber

Hummermedaillon und Jakobsmuscheln auf Fenchelpüree in Muschelsauce

Langoustinenschwänze auf Gemüsecompotée à l’orientale mit gewürzter Bouillon übergossen

Seewolffilet auf der Haut gebraten, Topinamburpüree, Austerncreme


Rehfilet mit Lebkuchenduft, Apfel und Feigenpüree

In Vanille eingelegte Aprikosen, Lebkuchensabayon und Kirschwassereis

There were cookies and other sweets along with the Espressos … the best I think for me was that my family was happy. My parents are rather spoiled by now having eaten at so many great restaurants and it’s always easy to make my sister unhappy with the meat substitutes …. this time everything was perfect.

Additionally: we’ve had a lot more expensive menus that weren’t half as good. The foods were more than worth the price 🙂

By Yashima

Writer of code and stories