But I cannot sing

It’s the time of weird dreams.

Tonight I was a t a casting show. For DSDS (~American Idol). My sister was there too and our mother was watching. I was supposed to sing Jeannie (Falco). I didn’t know the text and I didn’t want to learn it. I was trying to think of dance moves. Right next door was a shower. There were little plastic boats and I was told about a game where the candidates had to play against the jury and would win ‘points’ if they managed to get all their plastic boats across the shower tub before the jury finished with their boat. That was where I decided not to sing. When it was my turn I got up and said “I am really not going to sing. I cannot sing and I am going to save everyone from the embarrasment. This show is about a chance to leave your old life behind, but I really like my life, why should I leave it behind?” All of a sudden two of my colleagues which I also know from university where there – Schrom and Bodo (???) – and started congratulating me on my choice. The jury though and my mother were very shocked.

And I really cannot sing.

By Yashima

Writer of code and stories