Big Brother for Maggots

We were in a school building. I met Christiane [Fiedler], I told her about how I try to get everyone together for that mailinglist. She praised my efforts. Then I had to play Cello. I do not play any instrument besides the piano but of course I had to play Cello. It made a screeching sound. And the floor was wet so I didn’t know where to put the Cello after playing.

Then I was somewhere outside. I was looking for some sports to do. I got to this place that looked promising – a wooden hut in the middle of the city – and asked. The person behind the counter said, it was okay, except they were using Slim Fast ™. I never even wondered what they needed that for. I opened a Slim Fast box standing there and everything was full with maggots.

Then I noticed that there were huge white blobs on the floor everywhere. Maggots. Huge Maggots. Then I had the idea of collection some of the maggots. I could have put them into a square glass vase or an aquarium or so. I wanted to name them and have a webcam pointed at the maggot place. In my dream I thought it was a great idea to host some kind of “Big Brother: The Maggots Are Coming” on the blog.

My biggest problem seemed to be to keep the maggots from escaping ….

By Yashima

Writer of code and stories