Old dusty bottle

My father dug out a rather old bottle of wine this year. It was good. 1973. I have had wine from 1978 before: that is younger than me. But that 1973 was older by four years. It was from Burgundy from the Côte de Nuits (as far as I remember). Yummy. But think of that:… Continue reading Old dusty bottle

Setting up dns

I am just now setting up my local dns, just because …. currently I have to access my local server by IP-address which is not quite optimized. I found a (so far) very good dns howto and a list of dns tools. Debian packages: dnsutils, bind9, bind9-host, nslint (very helpful -> checks syntax of dns… Continue reading Setting up dns

Night Sight

This christmas while driving I found out what it is that has been bugging me at night since a few years now. At night all lights – especially car head-/tail-lights – have huge flares around them. Yes exactly like the lensflare effects. It sure looks nice on a photo. It is not good while driving.… Continue reading Night Sight

Happy Holidays

We’re about to leave for the family. Each for their parents today, tomorrow his parents, the 26th my parents. I wish everyone save and happy holidays. I’ll be back late on the 26th to write about the tons of food we ate, what the family says and all the presents we got. Note how the… Continue reading Happy Holidays

All packed up

I just packed up all the presents for my family and now that I am done with it I still don’t feel the ‘christmas mood’. There is so much to do and I am going out tonight which is highly unusual for me on the 23rd and I still have to clean up half the… Continue reading All packed up

Sudden Noise

Don’t you hate it when you find out something worked all along? I do. I spent at least 8 hours figuring out how to get the sound on my re-installed linux system to work. I did everything as advised and finally I quit trying. There was always some error message I even downloaded the current… Continue reading Sudden Noise