Why Goto is Evil

Today I didn’t read mail before going to work. I felt naked and vulnerable when I turned on the monitor to take a look at my email. Usually I read mail from home to be prepared for all the things that could have happened since I left work the day before. Lucky me the only ‘stress’-inducing mail I had was from yesterday and I’d read it sometime last night.

Now I am not quite as mad anymore but what is it that makes people not think?

Step 1: Meeting, evrything is discussed full length and after a while an interface is designed that satisfies the needs of all those involved in the project.

Step 2: Implementing. So this was a small project and I was done implementing after two weeks.

Step 3: Some time after Step 2 is finished, there’s an email or call from someone else involved saying about this: “Hi, we tested everything and it works fine, but we would much rather have it that way ….”

Step 4: Goto “Step 2”

Remember? Goto is evil!!!!!

By Yashima

Writer of code and stories