MT Templates

Today I decided to re-organize my different blogs like the Dsa Log, this one and a bunch of others which I all run on one movable type installation on my homepage.

I kept copying templates from one blog to another and I wanted the different css stylesheets to be compatible so I could use them as alternatives on each page.

So I made a central directory that all blogs access to get certain templates. Currently all the archives, the Main Index, rss feeds and some modules are stored there. I usually do not edit the templates in the MT Menu, instead I copy them as files to my local computer, edit and publish again. So I simply linked all the relevant templates to the same files. The work wasn’t to complicated because nearly all the blogs were using the same templates anyway.

Since all that would have involved a lot of clicking around in the MT Menu I did the whole thing directly in the mysql database.

I also created a central stylesheet repository. Now each blog gets one stylesheet and gets all the stylesheets in the repository as alternates. Using the same layout templates all the stylesheets are compatible to that layout.

The only other special module for each blog is the ‘sidebar’ which contains the ‘recent entries’ stuff and the like.

Since I have quite a few blogs running on that installation and keep changing the styles all the time, this makes the work much easier because now I guarantee myself the always same ‘tagging’ which makes layouting a lot easier.