Encoding Follow-Up

The other day I had some trouble with weirdo encodings. No more though. This Re: iconv and UTF-8 encoding posting on a mailing-list brought me to the correct solution: iconv -f IBM850 -t ISO-8859-1 -o fnord.txt stupid-input.txt Now file fnord.txt outputs fnord.txt: ISO-8859 text, with very long lines, which is the desired result! And voilà… Continue reading Encoding Follow-Up

Christmas Coming

You just know it’s coming when you see the nice skin on go fish : Gonna dress you up in my love. Also we are invited for this week-end to the famous Christkindlesmarkt of Nürnberg. I am not sure though this invitation isn’t more about meeting at the pub and drinking Irish Flags (lower right… Continue reading Christmas Coming

Cookie time

The last few evenings I spent baking different kinds of cookies for december and christmas. I didn’t make any last year and I am not sure about the year before. But this year I even made the famous ‘Zimtsterne’ (cinnamon almond star shaped cookies). My back is hurting like hell from about 5 evenings spent… Continue reading Cookie time


So the data I receive to put into the database is in some weird encoding. a colleague said recode was the right tool to try to convert those nasty files. apt-get install recode First shock: recode is really complex to handle. First nice hint from the manual: recode -lf l1 gives you the latin-1 tables.… Continue reading encodings

java and ssh

I need to access some remote files with a java program. The idea was not to use system calls. Now I am trying out java ssh implementations. So j2ssh was the first I tested. I quit testing more. Because -it’s nearly undocumented, the few examples are rather complex and since none matches my needs I… Continue reading java and ssh

Why Goto is Evil

Today I didn’t read mail before going to work. I felt naked and vulnerable when I turned on the monitor to take a look at my email. Usually I read mail from home to be prepared for all the things that could have happened since I left work the day before. Lucky me the only… Continue reading Why Goto is Evil

Current playlist

Just for keeps. I might want to look back in a couple of years wondering why I ever listened to all this. No actually I am pretty sure I’ll like all of this even 10+ years from now. Alphaville – Forever Young, America – A Horse With No Name, Animals – House of the Rising… Continue reading Current playlist

Good Books Never Die

Some Quotations from Wuthering Heights one of my all-time favorite books. Just read the quotes and if you don’t want to read the novel afterwards, shame on you. Heathcliff about Catherine: W.H., pg.117: “Why did you betray your own heart Cathy? I have not one word of comfort. You deserve this. You have killed yourself.… Continue reading Good Books Never Die

MT Templates

Today I decided to re-organize my different blogs like the Dsa Log, this one and a bunch of others which I all run on one movable type installation on my homepage. I kept copying templates from one blog to another and I wanted the different css stylesheets to be compatible so I could use them… Continue reading MT Templates