Kernspin Tomographie

(engl: magnetic resonance imaging). As follow-up to my tons of visits to doctors just because my hip is hurting …. today I got to the most horrifying part yet: the tube they put you in to make images of your body. It sure doesn’t hurt. But I got a nice needle in my arm so they could feed me some ‘contrast-solution’. Needles in my arms and pointy things in general are my personal horror. Maybe there is something like needle phobia, well I have it.

I am not sure wether I am also suffering from claustrophobia. Maybe I am. I kept my eyes shut throughout the whole 15 minutes. After about 1 minute I started counting because I didn’t know what else to do besides freaking out. When I got to 250 I felt how they were pumping this solution into my arm. That made things worse. I kept thinking about opening my eyes and I was scared I would freak and I kept them shut. The whole time I was counting. Each time I reached a full 100 I started counting faster, hoping the time would go by faster too. The noise was awful despite the protective ear-thing they gave me. Then my hip started to tickle in this weird way.

I kept counting and thinking how it would be to open my eyes. Finally I got to the magickal number 523 where they pulled me out of the tube.

I am NOT going to do this again anytime soon. Whoever invented that sure didn’t ever have to undergo that procedure themselves ….

By Yashima

Writer of code and stories