At first I am at a board games convention in Germany in Essen (‘Die Spielemesse’) with a few friends. Just on our way there I did not dream any about being there … then on our way to the hotel. When I undress to go to bed all my clothes have become a little more ‘goth’ somehow – anyone ever see Buffy? There is one time when all of a sudden Willow is a vampire and dresses a lot uhm ‘less conservative’, yeah like that – so I wake up and the next day I am there with my mother, we get on the bus and nearly miss the right exit and then we walk with dozens of people to the convention building and then I am standing all of a sudden in front of my old school with my boy-friend and some of his friends (who all went to a school on the other end of town). There is snow everywhere and the cars are driving on the boardwalks because there is no snow there …. so we are standing there with his friends – interestingly 2 of them have become NPCs in my campaign and one more is a player in my campaign –
and decide because it is so early we will leave. Some people have bikes but we all go to the bus station one block down the road. We get on a bus which is quite full. The driver is listening to the radio and there is the voice of a woman. It is the local radio station called ‘Querfunk’ (how would you translate that?) and I somehow know that the woman is a well-known journalist and she is just telling how there is a murderer loose on the street where I now live but a far way down from my house luckily. All of a sudden it is dark outside and I am thinking how I need to get past the murderer. All of a sudden the bus is a huge bobcar where all the people have to sit behind each other and it has no roof anymore. I am sitting on the last place way in the back. Some girl in front of me keeps forcing me out of my seat because there is not enough space for everyone. Then the bus starts driving. I know I need to stay in it or else the murderer will get me. [Too bad though I do not remember who the girl was because in the dream I knew her and right now I am thinking of her as Diana, and though I know several people by that name it was none of them …]. The bus first starts driving in the direction of my parents house but then all of a sudden we are on my street (which is quite long let’s say it crosses all the inner city of Karlsruhe ~ 10 miles) and going past the building of the radio station (in reality the station is somewhere else) and we see the body of a woman dressed in red lying in the door. I know she is dead and I know she is the journalist who was on the radio minutes before and I remember hearing her scream on the radio though I did not notice before. The bus first drives by and I am glad to be save. In that very moment we are back to the radio station and the bus lurches to a sudden halt everyone gets off. The next I know there are a lot of dead people around me lying in the snow which is still white. I know the murderer is coming for me and Diana. [Then something funny happens even though I dream and keep on dreaming I make the conscious decision to change the story so that the murderer will only hurt the two of us bad enough we pass out so he can come back later to hurt us more.] So the murderer cuts of my ears. But it does not hurt at all and I do not pass out. Neither does Diana. So when he is gone we get up and try to hide. [You know this feeling of nightmares where you know you have to ‘do’ something … because if you fail you die?] We run up to a building to hide inside and I am already considering the possibility of hiding inside a rubbish bin. There is a building like a huge garage the doors wide open. We go in slowly and there are all these white cars standing there – mostly Mercedes Benz – and I am thinking how they must have forgotten the color and that is why they are here. We have not even left blood traces on the floor for him to follow us. We go inside and all of a sudden a dozen people appear among the cars. They are dressed like in the 17th or 18th century. They tell us some weird story about being stuntmen reenacting some movie (???) and how we should hide from the murderer in the office. They would protect us. I am thinking how the building is a trap and how it would have been better they had not been there. Then the murderer comes in and I luckily woke up.

By Yashima

Writer of code and stories