Axis of Evil Reloaded

Why on earth does it have to happen again? I thought I was through with the NullPointerExceptions, AxisFaults and InvocationTargetExceptions. No I am not. I didn’t write down what fixed it last time.
The only things I could think of I might have forgotten are already fixed.

1. The current (RC 1.1) client generation actually works? Well at least this time the De-Serializers were registered correctly in the type mapping.

2. The Initialization of the front-class of the service can be done several ways in axis (session, application and request or something). The default is to have a new instance of the front-class for each request. Application would have fixed my problems had I know that was the error, well I implemented everything it worked with the ‘request’ type configuration.

3. Connection refused: wrong url or protocol! Is fixed.

4. InvocationTargetException – missing jar files in the axis lib/ directory, is fixed.

5. Dont’ forget to check wether all the deploy-only properties are set correctly for the current testing environment (setting of logging and opening database connections etc.) And I found out something nice and new: if you just don’t init logging the stuff you are logging is written to catalina.out in /usr/share/tomcat/logs/catalina.out …. this is good. Makes many things a LOT easier.

It seems like everything is working now and I might just have forgotten to remove a statement init-ing the database stuff on deploy despite not being allowed to init that, so initializing the service would probably fail at that point.

6. Here comes the fun part: my local axis deployment is working fine. Yet when I deploy to the cluster I see no logging and I get NullPointers …. so I am back to debugging by exceptions.

7. Now it’s “Oh I am so stupid”-time again. Check wether you adapted the build-process to the current project and are really deploying something new each time or if you are only re-deploying an old version again and again and again …. so “I am soooooo stupid”.

It’s not complete yet, some weird thing about the output but I am actually returning the correct results, don’t care what the heck my client is doing with this ….

By Yashima

Writer of code and stories