Axis of Evil Reloaded

Why on earth does it have to happen again? I thought I was through with the NullPointerExceptions, AxisFaults and InvocationTargetExceptions. No I am not. I didn’t write down what fixed it last time.
The only things I could think of I might have forgotten are already fixed.

1. The current (RC 1.1) client generation actually works? Well at least this time the De-Serializers were registered correctly in the type mapping.

2. The Initialization of the front-class of the service can be done several ways in axis (session, application and request or something). The default is to have a new instance of the front-class for each request. Application would have fixed my problems had I know that was the error, well I implemented everything it worked with the ‘request’ type configuration.

3. Connection refused: wrong url or protocol! Is fixed.

4. InvocationTargetException – missing jar files in the axis lib/ directory, is fixed.

5. Dont’ forget to check wether all the deploy-only properties are set correctly for the current testing environment (setting of logging and opening database connections etc.) And I found out something nice and new: if you just don’t init logging the stuff you are logging is written to catalina.out in /usr/share/tomcat/logs/catalina.out …. this is good. Makes many things a LOT easier.

It seems like everything is working now and I might just have forgotten to remove a statement init-ing the database stuff on deploy despite not being allowed to init that, so initializing the service would probably fail at that point.

6. Here comes the fun part: my local axis deployment is working fine. Yet when I deploy to the cluster I see no logging and I get NullPointers …. so I am back to debugging by exceptions.

7. Now it’s “Oh I am so stupid”-time again. Check wether you adapted the build-process to the current project and are really deploying something new each time or if you are only re-deploying an old version again and again and again …. so “I am soooooo stupid”.

It’s not complete yet, some weird thing about the output but I am actually returning the correct results, don’t care what the heck my client is doing with this ….

Kernspin Tomographie

(engl: magnetic resonance imaging). As follow-up to my tons of visits to doctors just because my hip is hurting …. today I got to the most horrifying part yet: the tube they put you in to make images of your body. It sure doesn’t hurt. But I got a nice needle in my arm so they could feed me some ‘contrast-solution’. Needles in my arms and pointy things in general are my personal horror. Maybe there is something like needle phobia, well I have it.

I am not sure wether I am also suffering from claustrophobia. Maybe I am. I kept my eyes shut throughout the whole 15 minutes. After about 1 minute I started counting because I didn’t know what else to do besides freaking out. When I got to 250 I felt how they were pumping this solution into my arm. That made things worse. I kept thinking about opening my eyes and I was scared I would freak and I kept them shut. The whole time I was counting. Each time I reached a full 100 I started counting faster, hoping the time would go by faster too. The noise was awful despite the protective ear-thing they gave me. Then my hip started to tickle in this weird way.

I kept counting and thinking how it would be to open my eyes. Finally I got to the magickal number 523 where they pulled me out of the tube.

I am NOT going to do this again anytime soon. Whoever invented that sure didn’t ever have to undergo that procedure themselves ….

First day of winter

Today is my official first day of winter. On my way to work there was white ‘frosting’ on the grass everywhere.

First thing I heard this morning was how they were talking about winter depression due to lack of light on short winterdays on the radio. Depression causes appetite for sweets and makes you fat among other things, or so they said. Maybe I am continually depressed ….

So it’s good that the first day of winter is a beautiful sunny day. When I arrived at work I stood a couple of minutes in front of the building to take some of the sunshine in there with me. Maybe I’ll resist the sweets today 🙂

Buy one get five

… visits to the doctor ….

I wasn’t feeling quite so good lately so I went to the doctor to get a check up and hey lucky me: everything’s fine. Though it’s a bit horrifying to see I got to the age where it actually makes me happy to hear the doctor say that my blood sugar and cholesterol is okay …. I mean the happiness suggests I might have expected otherwise.

And I now know again why I don’t like going to the doctor: on Tuesday I went because I was having some stomach aches. I thought it was as good a time as any to ask about loosing some weight and wether she thought the pain in my right hip was something serious. So she sent me to the ‘bones’ doctor who found nothing and sent me to the ‘Get a better picture of your Hip’ doctor …. where I have not been yet, curious where he is going to send me, oh wait I’ll have to return to the bones doctor afterwards. Today I went to the original doctor to get the results of the blood tests (those with the cholesterol and blood sugar), now she sent me because I might have a very slight subfunction of the “Glandula thyroidea” (SchilddrĂĽse) to the ‘get a better picture of some organ”-type doctor ….

Going the first time resulted in about 5 visits so far … lucky me I have insurance, but don’t get me started on that. In the end they’ll all say: hey you’re fine why don’t you rest a bit and drink some tea. My estimation of the total cost of this statement is at least $1000.

Which is a lot less than me and my employer pay for my insurance over the year and considering this was my only illness this year …..

Another kind of freedom

Over at Revland I saw this nice Dispatch From Revland: Free At Last.

When I went to Kindergarten I was longing to go to school, not knowing I would have a lot of homework to do and less freedom. In 4th grade I was hoping the school year would be over so the exams wether I would pass to Gymnasium would be over and I would be free again. In Gymnasium I was hoping to finally graduate because I was imagining that I’d have more freedom at university.

Finally when I got to university I was trying to finish the first half of my studies (similar but not exactly the bachelor) because I was thinking that in the second half there would be more freedom. Finally I couldn’t wait to get done with my thesis because I believed once I would start working there would be more freedom. That last thought is hard to explain, but I was thinking that the order and the regularity of work-live would bring me some kind of freedom and free me from those ‘goals I must reach’.

After I finished my thesis I didn’t find a job. This was the worst time of my life because there was a goal to reach and whatever I did, I didn’t get any closer to that goal. Finally after 3 months of looking I found a job and I was sooooo happy (especially since just shortly before despite my desperation I had rejected a job offer) … and now I have been working for 10 months and I am starting to learn that work isn’t giving me the freedom either. Now instead of exams I have projects.

So now that I know that I won’t be free until I ‘free my mind’, I am working on becoming more relaxed and all .

But at least now I have vacation. And usually during vacation I don’t know what to do and spend all my time playing computer games or programming my website. And after work at home I usually do not think too much about work either, so that’s a kind of freedom.

And there will always be breaks, times where I am free from the obligation of the next goal to reach. Those breaks are rare but usually very happy times.

Comments Spam

Over on Kasias blog I have read a lot about spam in comments. Now it is hitting me too. I’ll delete those for now but they keep coming I’ll have to implement a better solution. The funny thing is that my nicely trained mozilla recognized the spam in the comment and filtered it – I am getting a mail for each comment. The evil thing is that Movable Type makes me rebuild the site after I deleted the comments. That really screams for a quick and final solution to this type of spam. Lucky me Kasia just posted something about this: kasia in a nutshell: Meanwhile, on the spam front.

Updated my homepage

I finally updated my ‘homepage’ homepage. I had an old one online that was a lot less colorful. I had that up while I was looking for a job, now that I have a job I did something less boring I hope: Delusional Dreams.

I still have to update the webstats-script that generates me some statistics about the people surfing my homepage.

The DSA and Unknown Armies sites still have their old design. But once I have gotten the hosting-agreement to David I can order me some new domains and move over to our root-server. I have been wanting to do this since about a year (since we have the rootserver).

Expensive Presents

Maybe this does count as a gizmo of sorts: Destillator aus Chrom mit Gravur.

Too bad it is quite expensive.

Okay if you dont want to click the link it is a ‘Destillator’ to distill wine and the likes. The fancy thing is that it is very compact and _legal_ (says the homepage) and the page suggests to use this as a Party gag or so.