Axis of Evil Reloaded

Why on earth does it have to happen again? I thought I was through with the NullPointerExceptions, AxisFaults and InvocationTargetExceptions. No I am not. I didn’t write down what fixed it last time. The only things I could think of I might have forgotten are already fixed. 1. The current (RC 1.1) client generation actually… Continue reading Axis of Evil Reloaded

Kernspin Tomographie

(engl: magnetic resonance imaging). As follow-up to my tons of visits to doctors just because my hip is hurting …. today I got to the most horrifying part yet: the tube they put you in to make images of your body. It sure doesn’t hurt. But I got a nice needle in my arm so… Continue reading Kernspin Tomographie

First day of winter

Today is my official first day of winter. On my way to work there was white ‘frosting’ on the grass everywhere. First thing I heard this morning was how they were talking about winter depression due to lack of light on short winterdays on the radio. Depression causes appetite for sweets and makes you fat… Continue reading First day of winter

Buy one get five

… visits to the doctor …. I wasn’t feeling quite so good lately so I went to the doctor to get a check up and hey lucky me: everything’s fine. Though it’s a bit horrifying to see I got to the age where it actually makes me happy to hear the doctor say that my… Continue reading Buy one get five

Comments Spam

Over on Kasias blog I have read a lot about spam in comments. Now it is hitting me too. I’ll delete those for now but they keep coming I’ll have to implement a better solution. The funny thing is that my nicely trained mozilla recognized the spam in the comment and filtered it – I… Continue reading Comments Spam

Updated my homepage

I finally updated my ‘homepage’ homepage. I had an old one online that was a lot less colorful. I had that up while I was looking for a job, now that I have a job I did something less boring I hope: Delusional Dreams. I still have to update the webstats-script that generates me some… Continue reading Updated my homepage

Expensive Presents

Maybe this does count as a gizmo of sorts: Destillator aus Chrom mit Gravur. Too bad it is quite expensive. Okay if you dont want to click the link it is a ‘Destillator’ to distill wine and the likes. The fancy thing is that it is very compact and _legal_ (says the homepage) and the… Continue reading Expensive Presents

Orangen Eissoufflé

Soufflé glacé à l’orange Aus Mamas bestem Nachtischbuch – dass ich mir zu Weihnachten gewünscht habe. Man sollte ein bisschen darauf achten nicht viel zu viel Alkohol reinzutun. Das praktische ist aber, dass es sehr einfach ist und man keine Eismaschine dafuer braucht.