Spam Filter Training

This morning I trained the mozilla spam filter. It’s gotten pretty good after it was fed about 2.5k of spam mails. And this is not 2.5k bytes but 2.500 mails. I did not get all of these over the week-end or I would be considering destruction of <something>. I got them from an old account I don’t read anymore: I decided once more to take a look into my old university mail account. They just never delete these accounts, I left university about 350 days ago. I wasn’t surprised at the number of mails. These accounts do get a lot of spam because there have standardized names which are also posted to a publicly available user list and it seems the university has the bandwidth to ignore spam filters etc.. What surprised me a lot more was that there were no legitimate mails on this account (except for 2 newsletters I didn’t miss and one invitation I also got on another account), which means I finally managed to switch my – way back – main email address and get everyone to use a new one.

Now my spam filter will hopefully recognize everything. Besides the mozilla built-in filter the ‘junk mail controls’, I am also using the spam-assassin our site-admins set up for our mail accounts. I don’t get a lot of spam on those accounts but spam-assassin catches only half of it.

By Yashima

Writer of code and stories