So last night we finally saw Pirates of the Caribbean. I loved it. If only I had the time to go see it a second time … The guys liked it as well and I am pretty sure that I’ll be hearing some of the quotes during our next few gaming sessions (“The worst Pirate I’ve ever seen …”) . It’s a good fantasy gamers movie. Johnny Depp managed to play the same character as in Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas which I like as well. Well for the Pirates I give them a 9/10 because I have only seen the movie once so far. Johnny Depp (has anyone ever told him the meaning of his name in German, I have been wondering ever since I saw the first episode of 21 Jump Street) gets a 10/10 for the drugged performance as Jack Sparrow. How could any guy in his right mind let himself be painted like that?

To celebrate that I totally overslept this morning because we got home from the show at 1a.m. I went and got myself a substitute for my thoroughly cleaned old cellular. After having read no one special: t616 vs. tanager and seen that my phone company had a special for it I got myself a T610. So far I like it. I nearly bought some Sharp cellular instead because I wasn’t quite sure that keys of the T610 were large enough but currently I am very happy. I think it’s definitely worth some gizmo points.

When I got home from work (uhm from playing around with the new gizmo cellular), I saw today was yet another ‘Sperrmüll’ day in our street. So we brought down all the huge Ikea card board boxes and stuff to throw away. (Other dates for other streets in Karlsruhe can be found at Amt für Abfallwirtschaft Karlsruhe). I think it is weird how the house next to us always has tons and tons of old furniture to throw out. Then there are all the people going threw that junk others throw away and so many things are then taken away. I had packed one box with all kinds of things … when I saw how the people took things away all of a sudden I was reluctant to put my stuff out there because it was hard enough to throw some of those things away but then have people going threw it and taking some for their own and … I still put the box out there but it felt weird. I like keeping things. What I have owned somehow belongs to me and I don’t want to let go. I like to re-discover old things, but usually I only find them again when I am about to start another ‘let’s through some of this out’ session and then I cannot bring myself to it. But this time I managed to fill one huge box!

By Yashima

Writer of code and stories