Party on Jones

Last week-end was a blast. Actually the good times already started on Thursday when we played some DSA4 again and I GM-ed DSA for the first time. I haven’t gm-ed anything for a while and I think it went well. Very simple story so far. Rather slow but with only three players there’s no need to hurry anything.

Friday continued with Uli’s birthday. We were rather lucky with our present because Uli already owns the other two books by the same author. Uli celebrated with the same crowd as usual, the same amount of beer and Ouzo as usual and the same famous chocolaty Bettina-made foods as usual. So all in all it was a good party. We stayed too long, and I head a 24-hour headache the next day, because somehow I got the impression that we would leave once I quit drinking (ADDENDUM: so I never stopped getting the next beer….). Well we did leave around 4a.m. shortly after Jones had tried to squish Gerhard (ask Uwe for the pictures).

Saturday was just as good, I went indoor climbing with Psycho and Gerhard at THE ROCK. It was my first time and after three short ‘routes’ (?) I had to leave because I had to prepare a dessert for the dinner Marcus and Andi had invited us to. I’ll definitely go again though.

In the evening we had dinner with Marcus, Andi, Micha, Sandra and Uwe. After dinner we played some Anno Domini and later we watched Star Trek: Nemesis on the new DVD player. My head was hurting a lot so I couldn’t quite enjoy the movie, another reason might be that I am just not the biggest Star Trek fan of the world.

Sunday was a rather slow day but I accomplished something I had wanted to do for some time now: I moved around the furniture in our living room so that it’s much nicer now even though I had to fight with Rolland over where the TV would go (it’s just too damn big!). So in the evening we could try out the new ‘watching position’ with The Two Towers.

And today was the first bball of the new season. To sum it up: all’s well that end’s well. More of these week-ends.

By Yashima

Writer of code and stories


  1. There is another fine reason for not enjoying Star Trek: Nemesis: it’s a terrible, terrible film. Here in the U.S. it was an enormous financial disaster that has, hopefully, utterly destroyed Star Trek in general. Some future generation can perhaps dig up its essential salts and reanimate it into something new, but for now I believe the boot is firmly pressed against its head and there’s no getting back up. Rarely have I been so proud of America as last fall, when our citizens rose up with one pure voice and said, “No more damn Star Trek!” There is hope for us yet.

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