Ich fange mal eine neue Kategorie an für meine Lieblingsrezepte, nach denen ich ja auch immer wieder gefragt werde. Als erstes also nun das ‘Erdbäärsorbäät’: Zutaten für 2 Personen (im Original = 8 Portionen): 500g Erdbeeren etwas Grappa (2cl) etwas Limettensaft (2cl) etwas Puderzucker (2EL) Alle Zutaten mit dem Mixstab pürieren. Durch ein Sieb streichen.… Continue reading Erdbeer-Sorbäät

Gnome font size

My personal hint for this one: just log out and log back in and your old font size will be back or so. Just don’t start editing your font config in the gnome-control-center (Desktop >Theme Selector > Use custom font) because this will screw up everything later on and change only the font sizes of… Continue reading Gnome font size

House bar

While moving the furniture in our living room around last week-end, I took some pictures. So here’s a nice view of our TV. (Which by the way is waaaaaay too big. But if someobdy is watching DVDs all the time, I guess it cannot be big enough)


Yet another holiday of doing nothing, enjoying doing nothing and doing more of doing nothing. I made the cheese-things again for the party yesterday, did not make them in ages and there were sooo many. Here’s the recipe for the Cheese Puffs (?): 115g flower, 115g Butter, 4 eggs, 125ml water, salt, cayenne pepper, mustard,… Continue reading Käsewindbeutel

Party on Jones

Last week-end was a blast. Actually the good times already started on Thursday when we played some DSA4 again and I GM-ed DSA for the first time. I haven’t gm-ed anything for a while and I think it went well. Very simple story so far. Rather slow but with only three players there’s no need… Continue reading Party on Jones