No Software Patents

The European Patent Office has published a proposal that contains plans to legalise software patents in Europe.

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This topic brings me to something I have recently noticed and which makes me very sad. There is an old saying ‘Geld regiert die Welt’ (Money rules the world). One should think that in modern times in the western world where most political systems are democracies (or forms of ….) this is not true anymore. When I was a bit younger and I still believed what my teachers told me, I believed, that it’s the people that rule through the representatives they elect. I have always seen it as one of my most important rights and duties as citizen of my country to vote and take part in elections be it the university student council or the elections for parliament. I’ve always felt that through voting there would be people who would represent my interests and politics were being made such that every law that was passed would make our country a better place to live in for the people. The idealism in my thoughts was cute, wasn’t it?

Of course everyone gets older and grows up. In this case I would prefer a lot to not have grown up. Lately I have the feeling that just about all politics are influenced through lobbies and those that do not have a strong lobby – the citizens are on the losers side. It just seems to me that a lot of laws are made to please those that are already well-off: huge corporations and the rich. Those that have the resources to keep telling our representatives what is right and what is wrong.

Currently I tend to think that our so-called democracies are just a big fake to keep the people quiet.

(Patents) ADDENDUM:

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