Mosquito Nights

Well I was hunting them with the vacuum cleaner, because they are too quick for me to kill. I was hunting them everywhere. I left the vacuum cleaner in our bedroom to be able to hunt them as they appeared. Don’t do that. I am now sure that they got back out of the thing and in the night we had about half a dozen or more of the little beasts thirsting for our blood ‘ssssssss’-ing around us.

I got no sleep.

And now I feel like it. Which really improves the quality of my work.

The most evil place to get mosquito bites is finger joints I believe. It hurts a lot and makes typing hard.

On the other hand something positive: I have already fixed two minor problems in my project, well one of them wasn’t so minor. Anyhow I’ll call them ‘Improvements’ since they are not bugfixes 🙂

But now I am stuck and I feel kind of ‘dilberty‘: It’s been a software engineering stereotype – just good for me I never said I was an expert: I am programming some framework and then different countries are implemented. So now there’s a special case where they want to do something just different for this one country. Guess when I found out:

“Ahm it’s not working!”
“So tell me what kind of error occurs …”
“Don’t know, it keeps saying I am missing this field, but I don’t want this field, I am using this one instead!”
“Wait a minute, so why did nobody tell ME?”
“We just assumed <insert whatever> …”

Nice one eh? Yeah I love it. Of course this couldn’t be done just so easily as I am just noticing now. I love last-minute-requirements.

“It makes it a lot more complicated and error prone on the technical side because this is inherent to the problem!”
“But everyone is doing it that way.”
“I CAN implement A solution if it is absolutely necessary.” (1)
“Ok good the users wouldn’t be able to handle another interface than the one they know!”

(1) Did I mention to never mention that you CAN do something if it is ‘absolutely necessary’? No one is interested what kind of solution it is so long as there is one.

By Yashima

Writer of code and stories