This morning the next shock. I am standing in the kitchen – still killing moths (this mornings bodycount was 4, yesterday about 12) – I am missing something: there used to be a box where I was growing some herbs (basil, thyme, savory and marjoram) and that box was gone. Of course I knew at once where: about down two stories in the courtyard. I ran downstairs the box was shattered but I managed to save the plants – at least I hope that they like the new ‘basin’ I planted them in. I added in some lavender and eucalyptus as well. I am also growing peppermint, chives, rosemary, oregano, sage, laurel and tarragon. The lemon balm, lovage and persil aren’t doing very well currently. The summer was too hot for some of the plants …. I already had to throw away the petunias decorating the balcony.

Here some pages with information on herbs:

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It is very nice to cook with fresh herbs from your garden or even from the balcony. I have had a lot of trouble growing some of them. Basil was always hardest to keep but this year I managed to grow a veritable ‘basil tree’ well it’s more of a bush but it is doing very well and we have used a lot of it, My other two favorites are thyme and rosemary. Thyme is good for virtually any kind of food … Rosemary is especially good with potatoes. My favorite smell is marjoram, fresh marjoram! Most of these herbs need a lot of sun. I thought that lavender, thyme and rosemary didn’t need so much water but this summer I was proven wrong.

By Yashima

Writer of code and stories