Fear the Bunny

Concerning the title. I just felt like it.

We spent this week-end outside playing in the Neronia V larp. I wasn’t feeling very well and there was a lot of walking or should I say hiking involved this time so I missed most of the plot and nearly all the fights. I was playing a noble on top of all this so I wasn’t good for anything. Last time as a healer I could at least patch up the wounded.

I think a noblewoman wasn’t the right character still. Healer wasn’t much better. So I have two options: learn how to fight or do what I’ve always done be a mage. I found a nice page if I ever need any Zubehör …. – uhm accessories: Ritualbedarf.

And while I didn’t have as much fun as I should have (should have?) I talked to some people and one of them had a really nice larp sword and told me where he got it: Boars F.L., it is a shop in Italy which takes a while to send you the stuff but it looks really really good and they have a great selection of larp weaponry. The pictures are actually not as good as the real stuff (I think). So I think before next year’s season starts I’ll get myself a decent staff or sword.

So we got home very tired since it was very cold in the nights I was freeeeeeezing in the tent and didn’t sleep so well. Rolland on the other hand spent the nights running round in the woods till 3a.m. following the orders of the ‘Duc de Montellimard’ whom we had sworn to follow. On getting home our kitchen was moth-haven again, so before getting my ‘First Contact’ with more than half a liter of water at a time (taking a bath!) I was cleaning out the kitchen … again. I am just hoping those are the left-overs and that we have no more infected foods. Nearly everything is stored in ‘preserving jars’ (weird words the dictionnary gives me, is this actually in use?) now.

By Yashima

Writer of code and stories