Dreaming of Bugs

The other night I was half-sleeping and all I could think of was “——- You are receiving this mail because: ——- You are the assignee for the bug, or are watching the assignee. You reported the bug, or are watching the reporter.” I have dreamed about computer games and all that weird stuff before. But… Continue reading Dreaming of Bugs

Bug or Feature

Everyone knows this I guess, just another software developer stereoptype. I have just encountered this the first time in this form yesterday. I had prepared a fancy menu to celebrate Rollands last written exam. After dinner I took a quick look at my email box and found several bug reports. Since our big mega project… Continue reading Bug or Feature

Menu for Two

Zur Feier des Tages gab es gestern ein kleines Menu. 1. Leberpastete mit Baguette und als Aperitif Noilly Prat Rouge 2. Tomatensalat mit Basilikumöl in Knoblauch und Schalotten mariniert 3. Schweinemedaillons an Sauce à l’Estragon und Kartoffelgratin Dauphinois 4. Selection de fromage 5. Verschiedene Beeren in Sabayon Dazu ein 1990er Savigny les Beaune


slanguage – Slang + language. e.g., What slanguage do you speak? I think it’s fun to find someone has done a project on the net that you thought of at some time – in this case the pseudodictionary we have tried to make something like that on the weird wizards homepge The Flump Dictionnary of… Continue reading Slanguage

No Software Patents

The European Patent Office has published a proposal that contains plans to legalise software patents in Europe. Sign the petition: Articles: Software-Patente: Opposition im Aufwind – Netzwelt – SPIEGEL ONLINE Heise News-Ticker: Erneut Protestaktionen gegen Softwarepatente 1und1.de – Pressemitteilungen FFII: Logikpatente in Europa This topic brings me to something I have recently noticed and which… Continue reading No Software Patents

Spam Filter Training

This morning I trained the mozilla spam filter. It’s gotten pretty good after it was fed about 2.5k of spam mails. And this is not 2.5k bytes but 2.500 mails. I did not get all of these over the week-end or I would be considering destruction of <something>. I got them from an old account… Continue reading Spam Filter Training

Scenario Design

Tonight I am going to GM some more of our DSA campaign. I designed my own adventure for this and this will be our third session. I create nearly all my campaigns, scenarios and adventures the same way. I start out with one interesting NPC. Sometimes he or she is a good guy, sometimes it… Continue reading Scenario Design

c’ant make

Yesterday it made a lot of sense, I am a much better writer when there is nothing available to write (no pen and paper, no blog or anything else). I had a lot of ideas how to sell this joke to the reader. It is not even a joke, but yesterday at Rolland’s parent’s place… Continue reading c’ant make


lines of code in my project currently. Yeah I know it is not a good measurement at all, so what?