Weird dreams

This was supposed to be a mail to the UA list but since the list seems to be dead since at least the 22nd I’ll post it here:

I’ve not been sleeping well lately. But tonight beats it all.

I dreamt the following:

>>We had been gaming. Unknown Armies what else. So there comes this guy says his name is ‘Greg Stolze’ he wants to play with us. It seems I remember something about this guy, isn’t he the author of that game we play? So he wants to GM. I have to leave it to him somehow. I ask if I can play my old vampire character since I have no UA character. Her name is Esclarmonde, she’s a real bitch. The dream becomes hazy there so maybe I was knocked out because he didn’t like me playing a vampire in a UA campaign But later I am playing her … I remember most of my friends being there even the non-gamers. They went to bed while our group was still gaming. There was a huge problem involved to find a bed for everybody so I gave up my bed because I knew we’d be playing until the morning.<<

(I dreamt some more weird stuff tonight …)

When I woke up I remembered that his 'Stolze' guy spoke German pretty well and that he was very surprised he could My second thought was: "Damn' I cannot remember the scenario!"

By Yashima

Writer of code and stories